FEATURE: The new Tap to Continue


I think the old tap to continue was perfect - it was subtle and wasn’t distracting. I feel like this one also rushes people to click fast (through zooms etc). I find myself clicking just to get it off my screen. It also gets in the way of screenshots and videos people like to make for covers/promotion.

If the episode team would consider reverting it back, that would be great.


Support!!! :grin: bring the old one back!




Support! Whenever I take 5 seconds, the background gets darker and it’s very distracting since some speech bubbles are longer than others. :tired_face:


Support! I hate it. :frowning:


I support that there should be a option in the setting to choose if you want it or not.

I am not a fan for screenshot purposes


Support! I was thinking the same thing! And yes, it ruins screenshots :confused:


Support! There was nothing wrong with the old one.



The new one is ugly and a pain when you are trying to spot direct (so distracting!)




SUPPORT!!! :grinning:
I agree that if Episode doesn’t remove it, they at least give us the option to turn it off.


Yeah, the new Tap to Continue is trash. Please revert it, Episode team.






I don’t like the new one, :unamused: bring the old one back!


Support! I like the old one!!


Definitely! And if not bringing the old one back, then it would be great to be able to disable the tap to continue function in the settings!


SUPPORT definitely !! i strongly dislike this new one and it gets in the way of a lot of things and honestly its quite annoying


I honestly disliked the old “Tap to Continue” :no_mouth:
However, I definitely don’t like the new one either :tired_face: