FEATURE: The ‘you have to re read this chapter’ message


I don’t know about anyone else but I think we should get something saying that you have to re read the chapter ( the pop up message was annoying before) because now I just see the author has updated but then I press to read the new chapter but then I find that I’m re reading the chapter before that because they have edited it and then I can read the new chapter


I wish they would remove that, since the chapter updates are usually small fixed problems like typo’s


I know right


I always try to read my stories as soon as i can so i can change things in my story without my readers being affected by it, but its not always possible


Same whenever I finish writing mine I go over it so I can try and perfect them but then I sometimes find thing I need to change


Yesss exactly! I hope it gets removed, because it frustrates readers


Not always. Many authors hurry to fix choices they forgot to flag or similar things that influence the following chapters. Removing this feature would mean that, if an author made a mistake and then fixed the error, the readers won’t get the corrected version if they read the chapter soon after it was published. I wouldn’t wish that for my readers.


I really meant to just have a message saying you are going to re read this chapter


Ah! Okay. Sorry :slight_smile:


I honestly hate this


And most of the time, it’s literally the same, just a few minor changes!


What I recommend is message the author of the story and ask polite if they can do a bit of simple coding with some labels that allows readers to skip the chapter. Since the reread chapter feature gives you a pass then you haven’t wasted any of your own and you get to move onto the nest episode.


I have an idea of a message like this




100% Support!


Hi. I wonder, is it even possible? Will episode burn the reader’s pass if we authors labelled to go to next episode?


The reader could have a choice or something. I haven’t thought into it that deep. Great question though :grin:


Now that they have made stockpiling reward passes impossible. This feature needs to be implemented.


I agree with the choice. Maybe in the writers portal, you can choose to have that choice. So if the error they can skip. If it is through the flags then they would switch it on to make sure the readers click the right fixed choice.


I really hate that message! Especially when the chapter is pretty long :confounded: