FEATURE: Timed Choices


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The only thing I’m concerned about is if some authors abuse this and do timed choices on choices that matters, I like time to think because honestly authors can really throw curveballs in these choices sometimes


I mean, in real life, the choices that matter are often the one’s that you don’t have time to think about. Timed choices may frustrate the reader, but it gives the author more storytelling power, like in life-threatening situations.


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I remember when it was a glitch in the app and it said something about timers or w.e?! So hopefully we’re getting it soon?! I would love this and hate this at the same time. Authors can be ruthless :joy::joy:


That seems intresting! I hope we get it soon! And I’m gonna be the most ruthless author you’ve ever seen!

I tried to this using a trick of some sort and never could, @ryan and @Jeremy please work on this if you have the time and can @cass

I’m confused. There is no trick that I know of, and the Forums team don’t fix problems with Episode. If you ever need help, file a support ticket instead of tagging every Forum admin.

Also, what does this have to do with the conversation, if you don’t mind me asking? :confused:

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No, I mean that i was trying to make like a seemingly timer thing.

That’s not available to regular writers yet. Whatever “trick” you saw must’ve been a fake.

I never saw it, I tried to make it and see if it would work. It wouldn’t work.

I’m even more confused. You can’t just make commands, they have to be created by the Episode team. The example I used in the original post is just an idea for how the Episode team could implement it.

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I wasn’t trying to make a command, i was using the current commands to try and make a timer effect, so u understand?

Is this a thing?

No, not yet. I’m trying to get it implemented.

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