FEATURE: Timed Tappable Overlays

Ssooo… you know how there’s timed choices? Well I thought that the same could be done to tappable overlay choices and tested it out. However it didn’t work the way I wanted to. For example there’s a option called else if you don’t click a overlay right?I thought that it works the same way as the last option on a timed choice, but it didn’t.

Not only that the timer was on the dialogue part which meant you can’t really see your tappables that well and if get out of the dialogue the timer disappears. Also it shows it as a bug, which combined with the other conditions makes me think that it wasn’t a feature.
I really need this thing to be one!

Plz share, comment, and like this thread so that more people would see. Hopefully this will get admins attention which makes the developers make this a feature.