FEATURE: trans//androgynous (male & female) facial features

Pride is HERE (insert colored text here because idk how to do it. :pleading_face:)!!! :two_men_holding_hands::couple::two_women_holding_hands: WHOOT, WHOOP!!! :crazy_face::star_struck::nerd_face:

Know what that means, more gender fluid Facial features!!! :clap:t5::grin::clap:t5:

There are a few ways I would LOVE to see you guys go about this. Having masculine & feminine features in Portal for both “genders”.

When creating Trans characters who have completed the change, we could just make that avatar. I’m fine with that. However, the lack of clothing features for gender fluid people/avatars is crazy - especially, the F-M. So, I would like to ask, on the half of the Bisexuals out there that we get these amazing assets! :pray:t5::pray:t5:

I’ll add a few photos of some male and female facial features we have so we can have them for the other.

I :clap:t5: need :clap:t5: appropriately :clap:t5: represented :clap:t5:Trans, :clap:t5: GF :clap:t5: and androgynous :clap:t5:avatars :clap:t5: in :clap:t5: my :clap:t5: stories!!!
PLEASE, I’m begging you! :pray:t5::sob::pray:t5:

This is as close as I can get to an androgynous male.

He is currently missing most of his features so I’m sorry for the obscurity. :sweat_smile: He’s one of the protagonist in a spin off to my current WIP. He’s a bit shy and isn’t quite ready for his debut yet. :nerd_face: