FEATURE: Undo Button On Customisation

Have you ever pressed the wrong feature and ‘ruined’ your characters look?
Then we need an undo button to get the perfect look back!

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Hmm…good idea.

Hmm what do you mean? If you’re talking about when reading a story most authors use a goto label to let you go back to the beginning? :thinking:
If this isn’t what you were referring to can you elaborate more?

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When authors are creating characters for their stories they sometimes press the wrong feature and may have forgotten what it was before say for example the skin colour was copper 02 and by accident they press copper 03 they may have forgotten what it was before so an undo button would solve this


Ah, I get what you’re saying now. :ok_hand:t2:

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Bump just a little one



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I like the idea!

Meanwhile, this can be implemented easily into any customization templates. I added this option in my customization template, which I plan to release soon.

Steps to do:

  • Create an identical character in the portal, but add the suffix _DEFAULT (e.g., the main character script name is called JESSICA. I created an identical character called JESSICA_DEFAULT, and I make sure I set the same details as JESSICA (skin tone, hairstyle, color, and so on).

  • Repeat this step for each customizable characters.

  • In the customization template, add a button called “Reset customization.”

  • The code to add into this choice is:

    choice “…” {
    } “Reset customization” {
    @CHARACTER NAME become CHARACTER NAME_DEFAULT #Replace by Jessica or any character of your story with the suffix _DEFAULT

This should do the trick until an official solution is available.


This sounds interesting enough…

Support! I would love an undo/redo button for character customization. It would help a lot.