FEATURE: Undo Button


Hi guys! I’m not sure if this was on the old forums, so I’ll make it!

I would really, really, really appreciate it if we had an ‘Undo’ button.
The reason being, sometimes I’m tired and I accidentally do ‘Ctrl-V’ instead of ‘Ctrl-C’ for a spot directing code and it deletes the command. I then have to copy all of the new writing I’ve done, leave the site without saving and copying it back in just to get that line of spot directing and coding back.

So, please please please, Episode, make an undo button so I can save my story without the trouble of above!

(If Episode already has an undo button please let me know!)


FEATURE: Undo Button on portal

Yes, this is a great idea! When I accidentally erase something I have to write it all over again … An “Undo” button could save me a lot of time!


Me too </3


I don’t know if this is quite what your looking for, but ctrl z is the short key to undo.


Thanks! That helps, but I think Episode could have an undo button if people don’t know it :slight_smile:


Yeah, thanks! That really helps!


This would save me a lot of time and frustration!




I never use undo :see_no_evil:


Support and bump~


Support! I hate it when I accidentally closed the tab without saving the episode ._.


This is really importand…


The undo button?




Still support this. I keep accidently pressing paste when I want to copy something and I can’t go back, which is really annoying.


Ugh same!


That would be awesome!
Word document, power point, paint, etc., and other applications have them, so Episode having this feature would be cool <3


Yes OMG, I wanted to open a new thread but I saw this. Totally agree, the Safari Edit>Undo doesn’t work and so many times I’ve cut and pasted in the wrong place and copied something else and lot the original thing and couldn’t recover it. Very annoying.
An UNDO BUTTON would be greatly appreciated.




Yes please this is much needed especially since I just deleted a whole chapter of my story…:sob: