FEATURE: Unlimited Stories I recommend


We’re getting more ang more stories in Portal each day. Due to a lack of space I can’t recommend all stories I’d want to.

I suggest to make for recommendations stories more space or make it unlimited.

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Support! I was surprised when I hit the limit the other day. There are so many stories I love


SUPPORT! I’ve hit the limit, too!


I’ve got the limit many times so I have to prioritise my fave ones but it’s so hard to chose from


I haven’t hit the limit but I guess I will very soon cause there are infinite number of stories I fall in love with everyday…





I can’t believe there’s a cap at all. Just because I start liking new stories and want to recommend them, doesn’t mean I want to bump off an old story I like




Lol, there is a 30 stories limit, however for people it can be less (for example, let’s say someone had 30 stories in their recommended page, and 2 were banned by Episode, they would be gone, and, now you only have 28 stories that you can keep in your recommended page, which sucks.) And yes, there needs to be an increase in the number of stories we can recommend on Episode, hee hee but hey, I heard there’s a new feature coming up where you can see the stories people have in their favorites, so…


Really?! That’s bad


Hi, yes I know this from experience because two wonderful stories by my lovely friend were banned for going against guidelines so when Episode removed them, I could only add 28 stories in my recommended, it would not let me add more. However, when I went on the app one day, they appeared (but I couldn’t read them due to the fact Episode wouldn’t let me) but I ended up removing them from my recommended page because this was the only time I could even see them physically, so my limits back to 30. And as for the seeing the favorite stories of other, I think that is optional but that is what Episode’s latest post from Instagram said:


I wanted to use it as a spot to put all the stories I have read and loved in one area, but I hit the limit.




I support having this feature.




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I thought they were supposed to be private


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