FEATURE : Unnecessary Word Censorship



I have used the mobile creator and one thing that I find a complete joke is how you guys block words.

I can respect you guys blocking curse words and stuff…

But “shiz” , “crap” , “hell” ,and “racist”… is a bit extreme don’t you think?

I’ve been trying to ignore it ,but just a day ago I was going to mention racism… And IT SAID IT WAS INAPPROPRIATE!!!

REALLY Episode? Really?!

The past months I’ve tried other words and they were never “inappropriate” and it was still blocked/called inappropriate.

I would really appreciate if you fix this.
Cartoon network is a TV show network for little kids and even their shows have “crap” and “sexy” (Adventure time,Regular Show,TDI)

Heres some pictures. Please tell me what’s inappropriate about this? Is it “held”? “chin”? “stared”?


I know how you feel, this is why I don’t write on mobile. To be honest, Episode should allow us to enter words like “sh!t” or “f!ck” or any other swear words because it could make the story deep or more memorable, etc. I mean, come on, Episode is for 13+, so I think people already know all the swear words anyways. :joy:


Literally I was using it once and and I typed “hey, aren’t you that dancer I saw??” and it called it an appropriate no I thought it was talking about strippers and prostitutes but this girl freaking danced!! X’'D