FEATURE: Unpublish a Story






An unpublish button would be the ultimate feature for me. The app is littered with discontinued/deleted stories and the option to remove them from the app but still have them in your writers portal would allow you to hide your story from others but have them remain so you can keep all that hard work you put into the story and still have it to read just for yourself. It doesn’t matter how bad you think the story might be it still took hours and hours of work to achieve and that’s something you don’t want to just get rid of completely.


Exactly what I thought while writing this post. :raised_hands:t2:






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I really truly 100% want Episode to give us this feature on the portal. I’ve been wanting to take my stories off the app, but I don’t want to delete all the hard work I’ve done. I’ve heard others request for their story to be taken down, but I assume that means it’s removed/deleted.

Why do apps/games not give you the option to delete/remove an account without requesting it? It’s hella frustrating.


I know right? It should be every user’s fundamental right, both to have full control over the existence of their own account on the platform/site, as well as to have an option to manage the content they post/publish however and whenever they wish.


Yes please!


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Yes please


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I totally love this idea! I have so many stories I would love to unpublish!