FEATURE: UPDATE: New Version BETTER Than Full Character Display?


Ok, So remember everything I said before? Well, forget about that. If it costs too much to make, that’s fine. Just remember the talkchoice command.

Feature #1: Limited Choice time.

This will not cost a lot and will add more tension to the story. It would be the same layout as the episode choices, except when you use the talkchoice command, it would give you limited time to choose the option. You could use this for ANY choice. Like this:

LEE (talk_handsraised_excited)
So, what do you say, Clementine?

“Yes, let’s accept the deal.”{

“No, I don’t trust what you’re up to.”{



If the timer ran out before the player chose, it would automatically go to the choice on the bottom. So if they do add this to episode, I would recommend putting a choice called “…” on the very bottom when using this command. And this doesn’t just have to be on the new style, if there is one, this could just be a new command for limelight!


This already exists :+1:




XD I m so dumb…


Thank you for sharing this knowledge with me!



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