FEATURE: Update selected chapters

It would be really cool if we were able to update selected chapters of our story, and not everything that has already been published.

Let’s say you have 10 published chapters, you want to correct a mistake in chapter 7, but you have to update all of them? Which means that everyone who’s currently reading any of the other chapters needs to re-read them.

I think this would really make our lives (both writers’ and readers’) easier.


I think only the chapters you’ve changed something on get the reread thing.

So in your example, only the people who are reading 7 will be affected anyway. If you didn’t change anything in chapter 10, all the readers who are up to date should be fine.

Oh really? I was under the impression that everything gets updated regardless of what you change, even if it’s 40 chapters :smiley: But it would be great if it didn’t! I’ll test it out for sure, thank you :slight_smile:

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