FEATURE: Upload backgrounds, share, and put them here!

What if episode allowed people to upload their own backgrounds, share them, rename Neqw, and then have all the custom backgrounds go there!

I see prospects, maybe they can bump it up and turn it into a category on the drop down list for community backgrounds like on Pixton!

EDIT: What if they were, after checkin’ 'em, asking people to label what kind of background it is like with:

Acronym . Definition . BTH. Bathroom (real estate) BTH.

If it’s a bathroom, they put it: BTH in the title

INT. Bathroom - BTH - DAY

or: appls - Appliances. ba - Bathroom. br - Bedroom. ca, cac - Central air conditioning.

See what I mean? One for kitchen, and etc. so that people can easily find what they are looking for and the name must be specific as to what it it, like it needs to have the right tags and all that and the good thing about it is that after it is reviewed for sharing when you use it, you don’t have to like, re-upload it and wait for it to be reviewed because it was already reviewed!

And review how it was used and all that, it would be perfect!

It would make more jobs for people and you guys wouldn’t have to wait for reviews!


YES! @Episode

ok but u were watching DBH i love u



Support! The background gallery there is so limited. I would like to see stuff for other parts of the world than USA and some fancy locations like Paris. For example schools, they look totally different in my country, and if I want to put the story here or in some other european country, I need to edit my own backgrounds. Or the only lab background there - it’s like from a horror. I need a normal lab in my story.

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yes I support


Yeah it did strike me that they could ultimately save a bit of time reviewing if some user made assets could just be used instead of being re-uploaded and re-reveiwed. Like overlays made from established episode props or backgrounds probably account for a lot of reviewed items and it would be easier if they could just be put in a catalog or something.