FEATURE: Upload Looping Backgrounds and GIFs


It would be cool if we could:

  1. Upload our own looping backgrounds. EG: Looping Closet and Twinkling Stars.
  2. Uploading GIFs as backgrounds and overlays.

There aren’t many looping backgrounds in the Writer Portal, and background and art updates especially for the looping backgrounds are slow. It would be great if we could upload our own!

If you like this idea, don’t forget to :heart: and support it! Thanks!

FEATURE: Choosing Time for Looping Backgrounds



Support! That would be amazing <3
I have alot of gifs I would like to use as backgrounds but I cant



That gif tho


Same girl same :smile:


I was just about to open a discussion about this. GIF overlays would open so many options for us!


Yay! I’m sorry if you feel bad, though. I didn’t mean to steal your idea! :smile:


Feel bad? Of course not, the opposite actually! I’m glad I’m not the one who thinks this could be useful, it means there’s more chance that this feature will appear one day! :slight_smile:


Yay glad to hear that!




Glad to have your support!






Ty :blush:


I mean, just imagine a “This story contains mature conten” or “This story uses sound” or whatever you want, but as a GIF.




i need the sky so the balloon or an airplain can go into the sky.


Love this idea!


I agree :grin: