FEATURE: Uploading Covers and Saving them


First of all, I hope I’m not making a duplicate and I hope this is in the right category :sweat_smile:

Episode Interactive allows us to upload backgrounds and overlays and once they are approved, they are saved onto the Portal, so we can use them across all our stories.

Wouldn’t it be great if they added a category called Covers next to Backgrounds and Overlays? And the category Covers was split into small cover and large cover (upper half)?

That way, once we uploaded them and they were approved and saved on the portal, we could switch between covers within our stories when we publish them?

It would certainly be a good idea, right?

Sometimes, I find myself using an old cover for my story that was previously approved, but because I changed my mind, and even though it was approved last time, I have to wait for it to be approved again this time to use it.

I would love this feature added in <3


It would be fantastic if they added this feature, but someone has already suggested it here :ok_hand: :smile: :


Thank you so much, you are so fantastic :sunglasses::yellow_heart::revolving_hearts:

@Sydney_H may you close this topic, please and thank you?

Sadly, it is a duplicate :rofl::purple_heart:



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: