FEATURE: Uploading our own hair


I dont know if the title is right but Please do tell me if its wrong!

Weve already got uploading our own BACKGROUNDS and OVERLAYS but wouldnt it be really cool if we could upload our own hair pngs? I know it would totally go out of hand because it MAY no it WOULD look really weird because maybe others would upload actual things like real hair with the mannequin :joy:

But for me, I think it would be really cool because sometimes no MOST OF THE TIMES I edit hairs and or add bows to it and i really want to add it to my episode characters but “there goes the coding of overlays

If you support even though it would look WEIRD please like this post




Bump :v:





but i wish we could also import clothes!


Episode please let us make our own hair and clothes


I don’t really think this is a good idea.

If they did add this feature, imagine how much longer background and overlay reviews will take. We use Episode to write stories, not too just spend all of our days searching for hair to put on our characters. Episode is a platform to make our imagination sore.

Also, we need to acknowledge the fact that Episode will have to test out every single hair PNG to make sure it fits on characters, which can take up to weeks, maybe even a month.