FEATURE: Uploading Props


Support. I really need more props.

100% support

Support!! Bump! (Whatever that means) :wink::wink:


Support! You can only do so much with overlays!


Even if it has some limits (eg. item gets taped to the hand with no rotation the way official props have, or item has to resemble the size/shape of official props like we can only upload finger-food, drinks, books, boxes, and babies), it’d still be an improvement. It’s difficult to get overlays to work the right way; either the item has to float over the hand, or you need a hand overlay as well, which is very difficult in stories with CC… and so on.

Support it all the way!



y isn’t this a thing. It seems so much easier :frowning:

Support and bump!

Support and Bump


support!!! :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Totally support!!

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So much support on this!
Writing my own story and I wanted to add my own prop (a teddy bear), I even made it look like it was hanging before I realised that I couldn’t even add it to Episode…
For now I’m using the Overlay option for it, but not as convenient.

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YES! Being able to upload props would be amazing, and super useful.

Maybe it can work with the same way we upload overlays (must be a .png and must fit a certain size) and we could have it attached on the character (maybe hands and face to start off) then have it follow it on a certain anchor point.

Say for example, I would upload a machete prop, the anchor point could be on its base and that would be attached to the character’s hand until it has been removed. I’m also aware that blushes are a thing people would love to have as a prop.


Bump and support <3 !!!

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