FEATURE: Used Title

So this might be a good or bad idea, but I’m already gonna share this. There should be a thing where if we type in a title that has been used something will pop up and say “This Title Has Already Been used!”. @AMagic there is so many cons with this, I know. But let me tell you the pros.


  • We can find stories way faster.
  • We won’t get confused, I mean how many of us have seen titles with “Forbidden Love” “Forbidden Chemistry” “Forbidden Affair”!
  • Our Stories can have unique titles


  • Maybe we have a perfect title for our story and it’s already been used.


You want to use the word “love” in a title, here is the answer. There are so many words for love, this isn’t first grade. Google something and you will find billions of words for love. Same with other words, it’s called an SYNONYM

It’s not fair, maybe a story is completed or discontinued??

If the story is complete, we should be able to use the title.


I mean I kinda like this, but it isn’t really fair since there are so many discontinued stories on the app with titles you couldn’t use even though that story isn’t even active :sweat_smile:


Hmmm… I didn’t think of that. Hold up… I have a solution.


Hehe okay! Can’t wait to see it. :revolving_hearts:


Done, I think may have to change it again.


Hmm that’s fair! :slight_smile:


I support this if it’s just a warning type of message to let someone know that there are x amount of other stories with the same title. That would be handy. I don’t think it should flat out stop people from using it though


This is exactly what I was gonna say.


i dont think this is a good idea… plus is messes up with “creative freedom” or whatever. if my title was “used” i would be discouraged to even write a story.


What about all the stories with the same title already published? If Episode were to incorporate this, the stories with the same name would be a problem.


sUpPoRt :joy:

I mean I like the idea, I personally always make sure that my title is not the same as any other story on the platform by looking it up. If I find one with the same name or similarly named, I change my title. However, I think it should be up to an author’s own initiative to do that.
Arguments for an Original Title

  1. More likely to be remembered
  2. Easier to identify
  3. Adds originality
  4. Easier to find when searching for it

Arguments Against an Original Title

  1. If it is a common title, more people are likely to look up that title and you have a better chance of having your story discovered.
  2. The title might genuinely fit your story well.
  3. A discontinued or poorly written/directed story like the ones written by 9 years olds, don’t act like they don’t exist, we all know the ones I’m talking about is using the name first, in comparison, your story is better so the not so well done story will probably be written off. So it doesn’t matter if your stories have the same name.

There are probably other arguments but this is all I can think of right now.
I feel like it should be up to the author to make the conscious decision if they want to name their story a title another story already has or an original one.

One option is that we could have a thing that says “there are x amount of stories with the same title”. That way, it’ll be easier for authors to make a decision. But then also comes the question, do you only count published stories? What about unpublished stories? What if you have an original title when you’re first writing it but when it’s time to publish someone already has taken that title?