FEATURE: Using own music!


Hi. :slight_smile:
I would love to use my own music in my stories.
I know it’s working on other pages with a code from Youtube.

If we could use our own music we could give some episodes more drama, love or sadness.

Sometimes music + pictures say much more than words. :slight_smile:


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I support this.

I understand that there may be copyright issues with more popular songs and writers who get paid… But perhaps we could just have a little message that says who’s song it is popping up at the top?

And maybe for paid writers you can ask permission for the use of songs. I mean, they probably wouldn’t mind the exposure.


I’ll pass. I wouldn’t want to give Episode any rights regarding the usage of my own music for free.


I get that. But if you’re a up and coming musician who writes on episode, how great would it be for exposure on your own stories?

I mean, it’s not like episode would be selling your music.

Another great idea would be to link it up to iTunes or another popular site and have people who like the songs go download (and pay) for them.


The up and coming musician’s obsession with exposure is the exact reason why music these days isn’t selling like it used to. Exposure means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Trust me, it’s the bitter voice of experience. Haha!


Support! :slight_smile:
However, a lot of music is copyrighted.
I think it would be hard to keep people from stealing music that’s not even theirs.


Perhaps a way to counter that Episode should use stock free material only. That and maybe artists should be able to submit their own music files so long as the file isn’t copyright protected.


I totally understand it’s not that easy.
But there is always a way… :slight_smile:


That’s true… :slight_smile:
They can just review the uploaded song choice like pictures and overlays.


Totally agree! :wink:




I don’t think you realize how deep this goes. It’s more than uploading “your music”, that normally means songs you’ve bought from the google play store, amazon, or the iTunes store. Not to mention illegally downloaded music people have. There would be copyright issues and etc.

So unless Episodes spends millions on creating their own streaming service or buy a ton of rights to certain music, this will never happen. Just saying.



Episode should stock a large amount of Royalty free music like from NCS (NoCopyrightSongs)

They have lots of free releases of some cool stuff like Faded by Alan Walker.


Do you think they could review the songs before they’re posted?


I doubt that. It consumes a crap ton of time and energy. It would be easier to just strike some sort of a deal with a record label or two OR perhaps start your own music store… Both of which most likely are expensive as…


I feel the same amount of time and energy their putting into reviewing images and overlays they could use for music. I’m quite sure they could get permission from some legal website to use their music. Not all musicians have copyrighted music. There’s probably some musician dying to have their music promoted, who’ll easily give them access to their music for free or for a small cut.
It might take some digging but nothing comes easily.
Just think about it, the added music could heighten the experience readers have.
Leading more people to download the app, possibly get addicted to the game and BUY passes. Bringing in more money to contribute to other things.
But, then again, idk how big the episode interactive team is.
So, yes it could be stressful.


Well, forgive me for stating my opinion so late, but I just want to clarify something real quick. Depending on the country, some people the second they create something, it’s copyrighted. Australia, for example, has the “If you made it, it’s yours.” rule. It’s what thankfully saved me a lot of trouble over the years. And my opinion on the whole, “Add your own music” thread is both nah and maybe. The reason why EPISODE doesn’t is because of copyrighted music, if you didn’t make it, then it’s not yours. Unless it’s for sale for the right to own it, otherwise, it’s copyrighted. But EPISODE doesn’t want people who don’t understand this to get into all kinds of trouble regarding copyright and get them in trouble,



That’s understandable. I’m not really stressed about it. I’m fine with the music they have. If they could do it one day fine… If not hey, I’m alive who cares.


I think this is a swell idea, but this could create copyright issues with people who are touchy about their music like Taylor Swift.