FEATURE: Using own music!


I also support this


Seems like a good idea, but Episode is going to take a super long time to approve sounds as they have to listen to the entire thing (opposed to looking at an image with takes a second) and because of copyright issues. Don’t support this :frowning:


My final conclusion is that artists shouldn’t flood Episode with their stuff. Not only is it a terrible business move unless you’re being handsomely paid for it, it consumes too much time and energy.

Perhaps Episode should just have a few songwriters of their own to work on more soundtracks.


I agree with uploading their own music, as it would create more uniqueness, if that’s even a word xD


I definitely support this! However, popular music is definitely not going to be allowed without some sort of contract. Maybe the acapella songs Episode released would be ok (like definite MAYBE) and/or we can use free music from places like No Copyright Sounds on YouTube.


Supported! It’d be GREAT


that would be great, and for the copy rights , well we can only use music not the full song , i mean for example the intro only !


I’ve been wanting this feature for awhile as well! While the Episode soundtracks are great, I feel like having our own music would make scenes/stories as a whole more unique and intriguing. Whenever I’m brainstorming a scene I always make up my own music in my head, but not being able to make the scene I want because the audio isn’t there.

As far as copyright goes, I feel like only original content should be uploaded because not only does it give music producers a chance to show their skills, it makes it easier on the Episode team because they don’t have to worry about legal issues or purchasing music. :slight_smile:


I love this but let’s be honest it’ll be too hard to review. Some people might make it like a billion hours long, and the Episode team have to review it for copyright laws and that


I support this. Although a lot of music is copyrighted, there are also a lot of instrumentals/karaoke style music that are royalty free on youtube.
It would be extremely nice to add some of these as they’d add that extra personal difference to each story in the same way some writers can add their own clothes.


They def need new music. I support it but obviously they cant use regular popular songs. Copyright and all that. BUT They should def look into royalty/copyright free music. There are people that create songs for this exact purpose. People use them all the time for Youtube videos. They can partner with one of those sites and have access to a catalog of free music that we can use. OR put a small musical team together and create their own songs. They did it for their Pitch Perfect story. They didnt use the exact songs from the movie. They got an Episode album on itunes right now with acapella songs their team did. They can do that but with original songs. preinstall it into the writers portal so theres no review stage. BOOM no legal issues. I wonder why they havent looked into it. They gonna have to update their music catalog eventually.












HUGE support!:smile::notes::musical_score::musical_note:


Would be awesome. I need music for a story fast! :confounded:


I agree, and as far as the the whole copyrighting things goes I too, feel like as much time as they put into checking and reviewing backgrounds, covers, and overlays, the same energy can also, be applied when we use our own music. Me personally, I wrote , my own songs, poetry, and I sing so as an author who was also blessed with the gift to sing, and write my own music it would definitely help me build an even stronger platform when it comes to singing as well. Also, there are way to many glitches on episode when I try to use the music episode has. My music isn’t playing, and I haven’t had this type of experience before until now. So being able to use our own music in the story, would help our stories standout even more. I could really use the exposure since I’m also, one of the few authors on episode, who can sing, and write my own songs.


I support this! But, on one condition. Episode could always review the sound like they do with the background, right? There wouldn’t be copyright issues if they could review self-uploaded music like they do with the backgrounds. Support!