FEATURE: Using own music!


I support this all the way

I can’t keep looking for lyrics for the songs it takes up to much time
so looking using your own music will be better, even though it uses copyright but Just use NCS music will be better so i support this topic


This might be a problem and I get why episode wont do this.
If the owner of the song find out they will sue episode, not you.




I support this!


I support this, but then what about copyright?
I support this if they woud put a approved or not approved things like from the upload your own background :relieved:








Why don’t we talk to one of the moderators about it and tell them that we’ll give credit! <3

It sounds stupid but worth a try


Feedback from Sydney_H


This would be amazing! I support! Music makes up most of my life, so being able to show readers something which I am constantly occupied with would be great.
Sure, there’ll always be a problem with copyright but you could mention whose it is. You don’t have to put the whole song in either; Maybe just a small part or so.
It would help a lot in, my opinion. Brilliant suggestion! :+1::heart_eyes:




Want this to be a thing for real






We can eitheir have the music approved or we can give credit to the singers at the beginning of every episode.


Support :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


But there could be copyright infringement issues, so to resolve that, maybe the song could be cut to something like 10 seconds and then in the story it can loop until we enter the music stop command.




Bump :sparkling_heart: