FEATURE: Using own music!




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I support this! But… you can get sewed and demonitized (english is not my first language sorry if it sucks) and the copyright and stuff :frowning:


Support! Though, there are a bunch of problems with copyright and all that :thinking:


I agree, lots of Copyright.

And Episode might get sued. I’d like the same music on episode… but maybe we can use nightcore for a chance?


Ooh, that’s a possibility! I guess that depends on everyone’s preferred music taste, though. :woman_shrugging:


Do you know did they use those music in Pitch Perfect Deep trouble?


I was thinking if artists put music on apps like Spotify surely that isn’t copyrite just credit them


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Supported for sure. There’s so much music I’d love to put in my scenes, but it just isn’t in the Episode library


It would be amazing if this actually happens! :slight_smile:


I see that many comments here discuss the issue of copyrighted songs. In this case, using music does not need to be someone else’s. You could use Garageband to compose some songs and upload them onto Episode. That would be in handy and much better for the sound experience. and In case your music isn’t so good, readers can still choose to turn down their volume. It would be your own music and so it wouldn’t need to be copyrighted. If people didn’t know how to, the forums might have some people who do that and aquire credit and links to their instagram/whatever, or maybe people who can commission them. This way, we could stay out of the way of big time artists or copyright issues. Another way is just for Episode to release tunes for everyone to use that has gained permission for different settings, or just different tunes, where you could piece them together. I feel that this would be more convenient for everyone.
As always, this is just an opinion though.


I totallly agree!


Bump!! And support


Support! This would be very helpful and it’s an amazing idea! I have also been thinking about that!


It’s good idea!


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This probably won’t pass, you know, copyright.