FEATURE: Using own music!


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I love this idea! I’ve seen custom made music on apps like webtoon and Episode should definitely have it. Plus, like with overlays and backgrounds you could just submit it and wait until they approve the music :3

I kinda make a music story so i really agre

I totally support !:innocent: I think it should be like you must give credit to the artists. :two_hearts:


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Support, it would be interesting if Episode brought out more music to choose from. I love what we have but we need more neutral songs. Some of the sangs they have can get very annoying after the thousandth time of hearing it.

and think about having narration :o

i absolutely want that feature, i wanna narrate my own stories <3



This is something realllllyyyy importaaaaant, so I will just support it again. :heart_eyes:

It’s a good idea, but we would need copyright and other things to be made clear.
If this was done, we’d likely get Kevin MacLeod songs.
They’re not bad, but…

What about making own music?

… how did I not think of that?

Yes!! I support this. I think it’s a great idea and would add a more custom touch to stories.

buuump :slight_smile:



Support! I need this in my life!