FEATURE: Volume optimizer in the prevewer


volume option too cuz the main reason why I don’t really use volume is basically because I don’t know what to do I don’t know what numbers to use so to have something like that could really help cuz I could set my volume to whatever I want or what I hear that appeals to me like I had a seen a long time ago where my characters were in a crowd but then the mains went to another place like into a deeper part of the forest and I wanted to have my characters sound you know the ones that were yelling (the crowd) I wanted to have them sound lower in a lower pitch voice cuz they were farther away in the where the characters were (the main ones) currently and I didn’t really know how to set the volume so I just kept it that way.

I basically want a Volume optimizer in the prevewer, or something like that, that you can put, or paste into your script!