[FEATURE] Vote on what the Episode Team works on next

Just a heads up that you have an entire section of the forums for your requests that go directly to Episode themselves. We also collect the amount of comments and likes for each request and add them up so ultimately the entire forum is already doing this in a way. /looks around…/notices this thread was created in that section…/scratches head…all right then. :man_shrugging:


I disagree with this feature.


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Why? I’m not trying to be rude, just curious :slight_smile:

I mean, it’s their company so they should decide what they want to do. Besides @/Jeremy made a good point.


I mean this has the best logic ever.


True, true.


Yeah but it’d be better if they got the best of those options and had us vote and then that way it’d just all be in the same place and we wouldn’t like forget what we hearted on and stuff. And usually people just heart what they like but not love, and it’d be good to just have a proper voting system where people would know that they would make it if they voted a lot on it. Cuz you don’t know when people are going to make things even if you heart them and stuff.
So I support!

The Episode Team would have to make a poll on that, plus I think they this already months ago.

I agree, because they make a new batch of clothing like every week or so? and they work their asses off. SUPPORT!


That’s what I’m saying. They choose like three options, and then we vote.

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I wish we could make our own recolorings of the assets - like you do with for instance Sims - but I doubt that’s even a possibility.

Yes, agreed, Jeremy’s logic and point are spot on, but Stargazer also makes a valied note.
Most people just heart/support what they want or like the idea of without a thought about how much they want it or what they’d rather have instead.
A poll each week, or month for assets the Episode team has picked out would most likely appease even the hardest critics. You can’t say much against it when it’s been voted forward by the community as a whole. Like for instance the name for Limelight when it was announced. Some people might not like the result of the poll, but they can’t say much about it in retrospect.

Great summery.

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Yeah, also this way doesn’t account for the fact that a lot of these feature posts get buried and forgotten about under the wave of other features coming in. I mean I’m not on Episode forum everyday so if there’s a feature or idea I haven’t heard yet but it’s buried by then I am SOL as well as the person who made it because they won’t get any hearts for it. People heart what they can see and this algarsythm doesn’t really account for that. I just think this would be a clearer way to do this.

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Like the Sims expansion pack votes? Ok, I support this idea. :+1:

They can say how much they want it in the comments. Saying what’d they would rather have on a Feature thread is rude. Which is why ppl make threads stating what they want and why it is needed.

No one said people couldn’t still make forums saying what they want. They could still do that. and from those forums we could collectively vote on the feature we actually want. Just because something gets the most votes on a day when a lot of people are online or someone decides to spam, their idea with a link to the original post a few times a week, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily what the majority of people want. As this most recent updates comment section proves. I really don’t like seeing the Episode staff get attacked after they worked hard all week on updates for us and having to delete a bunch of comments of unsatisfied writers and I don’t like people getting banned or flagged for stating their opinion. No one is in the wrong here we just need a clearer way to communicate! :heart:

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To combat this every user has the ability to share links to the threads with other users. Once the other users view the thread they can reply to it in order to bump it themselves as well as show their support by liking the thread :+1: . Also remember that everyone can bump the threads once every 24 hours in order to bring the thread to the top of the list helping it gain recognition/views and it also helps prevent threads from getting buried underneath the newer threads. If I think of any other tips that might help with this I’ll make sure to drop them here for everyone. :slight_smile:



Thank you for the information, That is really helpful! :heart:

Closing this one since @Littledoubt has a new and improved version! RE UPLOAD: Get a chance to vote on what Episode makes next :smiley: