FEATURE: WHITE eyes 4 LL :red_light:

Can LL get the white eye colour as well.

I really need it for a fantasy story.
It used to be in ink and a very important part of the plot is the characters’ white eyes.

Plz Support :blob_hearts:

(I guess the last thread got closed becuz of the category so if this 1 is wrong too, plz tell me :thinking:)


You need to put FEATURE: white eyes babe :eyes:


Ty ly :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:
Also r u active 24/7 lmao :joy::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Ilytt :raised_hand:t5::white_heart:, & Kinda :sob::eyes:

it’s kinda dead now thou I’m more active on insta :eye::lips::eye:

But anywayyy, support :relieved::raised_hands:t5:

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Thnx 4 supporting :blob_hearts:

Duplicate closed. Please refer to FEATURE: White Eyes for Limelight!