FEATURE: White Eyes for Limelight!

Hey everyone!
As a suggestion for another customisation for characters in limelight is WHITE EYES!
I have a story in Ink that I am rewriting in Limelight and in Ink they have white eyes which is actually important to the story but in Limelight there is no white eyes?! If anyone else thinks that this would be a good update please reply?! Also more eye styles like bigger eyes and maybe some coloured eyeshadow on certain eye styles?? Just thoughts but I think it would be a good update!



SUPPORT :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



But you should change the title to something like “FEATURE: White Eyes” so it doesn’t get closed

Thanks will do that now!

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Yes, because my butler has white eyes but I have been using ice blue. I would really like white.

I’ve been making the characters with white eyes from ink in ice blue too because it’s close enough but I tried the grey but I thought the ice blue worked better!


Right? The grey was too dark. :thinking:




White eyes :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Having white eyes would be cool :smile:

Umm, I don’t think this is allowed in the Feature + Art Suggestions category :sweat_smile: But I could be wrong :thinking:

I don’t know but if your not sure I’ll take it down but I thought I saw someone else do it but I also could be wrong but the fact that its been up for 10h and hasn’t been taken down so it could be a good sign??

Support :ok_hand:t3:

White would be great for the fantasy style story I am writing too :heart:

Remember just because someone else did it, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. The “they did it, so it’s OK for me,” way of thinking is no good. Also, just because something isn’t taken down doesn’t mean it is right, perhaps someone would have commented on it if I hadn’t.

And the thing is that most story promotions need to stay in the promote your story section, after reading what the rules of the thread are and what they ask for or you can create your own thread, provided you don’t make a duplicate.

Many who make feature request threads don’t self-promote their stories or their future ones as it isn’t the category for it. I’m sure there’s many people who have stories and they write up feature request threads but don’t promote on them as it isn’t the thread for it and there are rules.

Anyways, I def support this, white colored eyes would be good to have :+1:

It’s great you want this as well but feature requests should be per one feature. In this case, for you, it is white colored eyes for Limelight, not other features. I believe there already exists an eyeshadow thread that you can support.


Ok thanks I will make sure to keep that in mind in the future. I am only new to the episode forums and am still figuring out how they work so sorry but thank you for mentioning it and I will make sure to keep it in mind for the future :blush:


Check out this helpful threads:

Support!!! :100:


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