FEATURE: Why don't Episode add these hairstyles to Limelight?



I always look up at the characters at the top of the forums. But they’re a few I’ve seen and wondered.
Why not add their hairstyles to Limelight.


I mean Limelight could use more styled hairstyles and these are pretty and youthful too. I’m just saying wouldn’t it be awesome if they added these to Limelight?


I’d also love if they added the blue jumpsuit!




The hairstyles and clothing for limelight are too limited!


They said those story styles are exclusively for PLL and Clueless, but I would love those styles


I really like the double dutch braid one. But Limelight doesn’t even have anything like it. and Limelight doesn’t have any buns either. Regardless of whether they are exclusive. They could at least try put something similar to it in Limelight for all writers. I agree with you I’d love 'em too.


I’d love to be able to use similar hairstyles.


I would love if the characters looked more like the ones on their covers, and had those clothing options in general. The characters on their loading screen look way more realistic than limelight, and I’d love to have access to those characters. I also wish episode could release the outfits that they have in their featured stories, since those are always fire, and it sucks when we can’t use them in our own stories.


First of all, I think they should change “Long Braided” to “Box Braids” because that’s what it’s actually called. Second of all, I think they don’t have enough African-American hairstyles, like for example: Lemonade Braids, Tribal Braids, and straight back cornrows.




I think that both INK and LL could use more complex hairstyles like these, they’re so pretty and add something special to the characters looks. I like the hairstyles we’ve been given too, but it would be nice to change things up a bit.

Episode could easily take a break from designing clothes to work on some awesome hairstyles, I wouldn’t mind :joy:

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could choose the color of the ombre, also? Like if I wanted my character to have brown hair with pink or blue highlights I could actually do that instead of having to chose either brown or the color?

Yeah, I’m just idea ranting… sorry :blush:


bump! agreed!!


I support this!


Support! Even if they don’t add these exact hairstyles, I hope they add ones with bangs and buns.




They added the double dutch braids yassssss!


They are not double braids it’s pigtails


They have double braids as well


They been added that to Limelight. I’m talking about the new one