FEATURE: Writer Notes

I wish we had a notepad or something in the writing portal while we’re writing to jot down our thoughts and ideas for future content, or to keep track of small details, etc. It’s frustrating having to constantly go to another tab to write my ideas in google docs.


This already exists

You can do this by writing comments.

To write comment, start the line with a (#). You can use comments to give you a preliminary idea of stage directions and how a scene will move, or to leave yourself little notes and reminders.


#You’re doing homework at your desk. Sarah walks up to you.
#NOTE TO SELF: Maybe make this next line a “choice” moment?

Episode Guide - Getting Started: Scripting Rules & Overview

I think she meant by pulling up a separate tab that episode provides as an icon? And it pulls up a notepad with the options to bullet, or number list?

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exactly! Something that doesn’t show up in my script that I can easily go to no matter where I’m at writing wise or what chapter I’m on

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