FEATURE: Zoom Command Customization

Sometimes the @zoom command zooms in a straight line and sometimes it creates some kind of a “curve”. It could be cool if we could control it!

For example: @zoom on 160 100 to 150% in 0 is a default zoom. As default, it would zoom in a straight line.
However, @zoom on 160 100 to 150% in 0 with curve_left/curve_right could be a command that forces the zoom to curve in a certain direction.

We could even make it more customizable by having a parameter for curve size, but this is even more advanced. I really think this could be useful!


support !!

Exactly what it says on the tin. When there’s a zoom in or out in a story, the screen sort of curves to the left- it looks jarring and should be fixed sometime.


I agree. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. It looks strange


Thank you - I support this as I do feel that varied zooms enhance a story experience a lot especially slow zooms for dramatic effect but the curving in/out does take away from that.

I support this! Whenever this happens to me, I get frustrated and have to try different methods sigh

It curves depends where zoom was spotted before.
You just need to zoom out correctly and there won’t be any curving


yeah standard zoom shoudl be straight but it is strait only if you stay at spot and just change % of zoom or vice versa but it you change both zoom starts to first go to the “spot” and then making t % instead doing both together to make it straight line zoom.


Support, this would be so helpful :sleepy:

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support! Its very limiting to always have the zooms stay either the same positioning or percentage.

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Bump :sweat: I didn’t spend 5 minutes moving to zoom in between two zones for the zoom to curve

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But you can do this, you just need need to keep the spot coordinates of the zoom the same x

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