“featured” classic stories?

Hello guys! I have been reading a lot of stories with the classic style, because it reminds me of the time when there was only classic and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who loves that style!
But it’s gotten harder to find “featured” classic stories:(
If you don’t quite understand what I mean: You see the covers of these stories, I search stories of this kind

Here’s how you can recognize them:

You see, there isn’t a profile picture, when there actually should be one, but a colorful “E”.

I have some stories for you too, if you like to read those:

Summer Camp Clash
Almost Famous
Love after dark
First love
30 days to find love
Lovelace academy
Real hollywood
Romance most wanted
The peacock heist
Rock and roll romance
Lost hart
Campus Crush 1, 2 & 3
Campus Crush love rush
Finding Mr. Wright
Love & Rhythm
Fortune teller’s crush
Funnel step sagar
Rich girl camp
Mystery at the museum
Secret Diamond Club
Death at the Ocean
Death by Espresso
What happens in Vegas

(I’m sorry if there’s a story listed which is not the classic style, I could‘ve made a

PS: IF YOU‘RE SEARCHING FOR MORE: Read my reply below where I added some more stories which I‘ve found!


I kind of miss these stories sometimes. It was when Episode wasn’t churning out these basic and bland stories, using gems with every choice and having all of these ads pop-up.


sould bound and the ember affect is also in classic

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OOh and The Presidents Daughter I think it’s called is also in classic which is my favorite classic story


I’m also writing a classic mix story… it won’t be featured though. Wish I was in the old gold club of the classic era

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Aw I miss these. Thanks for posting some!
Also, rich girl camp is in Ink. It was a featured short story :heart:


You’re not wrong about that one; I also love Classic, haha.

Great list, by the way. I agree that they’re a lot harder to find now.

So, if you want to search for more featured Classic story, feel free to check out my collection. I have been keeping track of all of them (along with many non-featured Classic stories recommended by the community from the thread below) since last year so that they’re easier to find and don’t get lost in the shuffle!

Most of the featured Classic stories will be in the upper portion of the document (ex. *v1.22.2, etc.) and most non-featured will be in the bottom portion (ex. Classic Story Recommendations, New Classic Stories, etc.). By the way, this is a WIP and an open source, so anyone who wants to contribute/add a story is more than welcome.

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Hey guys! Thank you so much for all you replies! I’ve even found some more stories :)! So here‘s the rest: I‘ll keep you updated on my list😄

-Super Secret Cedar Hill
-Hookup Reunion
-300 days to find love
-Fault Lines
-Luck of the Irish
-Seal Hook Island
-Read Your Mind
-The Huntsmens‘s Desire
-My Best Friend‘s Coma
-Gemma Halliburtons Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

-Party Girls
-Party Girls Rehab
-Dripping Mascara
-All classic stories by Joseph Evans


Bookmarking this thread, thanks!

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3 days to find love

Hidden lives
Ugly Cass: From Fug to 2 fabolous
In a perfect world
Area 51
Ghost in the halls
The President’s daughter
Professor bunny

hi, if you guys want you can read my classic story called For Better or Worse

i don’t know if anyone’s already mentioned them but i’m going to include my own additions!


  • tangled love
  • hunted
  • for my sister
  • bloodlines: annabella’s choice
  • bloodlines: a new night

non-featured, pretty old-ish stories:

  • the bet (not sure if you can still find this)
  • the dare (same as above)
  • mila of the sea
  • fire emblem
  • elemental wars
  • monster rebellion
  • opposing affections
  • the element sisters
  • filthy rich and medical
  • in a perfect world