Featured Episodes, what’s your opinion on it? Do they ruin stories?

So, featured episode. We all know about them.
When I first started reading episode I didn’t know about community stories, and once I found about them I instantly fell in love. And even more in love when I found out that some of the featured stories originated as community stories. When I started reading the community version of the featured stories I instantly thought…
“Why would they do this? They made the MC too dependent on the LI. What for? The chance to use a gem? Why did you put your story as a featured one?!”
And yeah, yeah this could be an amazing chance for the author but many times, in my opinion, they ruin the story.

When I found out they turned “Mafia in Manhattan” into a featured story I was honestly p*ssed. That was my favorite story.
Now they added even more of my favorite OG community stories into featured ones.

In the words of this old Tik tok,
Where’s the flavor in this, I don’t taste anything.

Featured Story’s are literally copy and pasted.

Of course I bet each author has his/her reason to accept to making their story into a featured one. But I believe sometimes it kinda water downs the actual amazing-ness of the original.

Of course this is all my opinion, pls don’t come @ me.

What are your opinions towards featured story’s?
Did one of your favorites turn into one, what was your reaction?

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I absolutely hate the featured stories. When a community story gets featured they basically ruin it, like why? :woman_facepalming:t4:


When they made Mafia in Manhattan a featured story I legit cried, and I’m not a crier.


I totally agree. I started off reading the featured stories on episode, and I couldn’t do anything because you had to pay gems for any major choices that could actually make the storyline interesting. Once I found community stories I never looked back, they are sooo much better(:


I hate featured stories and I don’t think I’ll ever read them again. They just have no substance and they’re so repetitive. If I was a really successful author and episode reached out to me asking to feature my story, I’d probably say no. I guess it depends on how much they’d pay me lol😬 But I just think it would be annoying to see my story being taken off me and completely changed into something that’s only a fraction as interesting as it was before they bought it.


I don’t really like featured stories. A while ago I was reading a story and I saw that it soon got turned into a featured story. When I finished the original story the author wrote, I went and checked out the featured one of it. It was a hundred times worse, and you had to pay so much gems for the clothing. Overall, I do think featured stories are far worse than the original ones.


I completely agree! They’re so much shorter and well less developed, kind of a waste of time. I loved the story trapped in both ink and LL, but I didn’t even bother with that eight chapter version of it. How can you progress a story that has about 30 chapters at least into a summary of eight? Can’t work.


Yes! The story’s that are around 25+ chapters into a 8-12 story is a no no.
It…it just doesn’t work.


So personally I hadn’t know about community stories until awhile after cause I had started off with reading the featured stories cause that was all I had known but once I found out about those I loved them and honestly I hadn’t noticed many of my favorite stories turn into featured ones but I think the reason authors do it is for my more publicity and I believe you could get payed (I’m not exactly sure so don’t come @ me if I’m wrong) I do really read those stories cause it makes me mad when it’s like gem choices on EVERYTHING so I stopped for the most part and only read the first episodes sometimes when I’m out of tickets and I’m waiting


Me too

(Lol that’s almost exactly what happened to me)

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A community story is a story written from the community - essentially, the author writes it rather than episode.


I personally don’t like featured stories. They shorten the it from the original stories and I feel like it had absolutely no substance compared to the original story! When I found out we could read other stories besides featured stories I was so happy. Definitely don’t recommend the featured stories.


Well I was reading Infected by Caitlin and I caught up on it (17) eps months and years the author didn’t update her story and founded out that there’s a featured version of Infected and the featured one have about 18 eps

No wonder why she stop updating, I was annoyed at episode for messing up her original story, well on her IG she explained what they did and that she’ll update but don’t know when 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽

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what is her insta id?