Featured shelves and contests


I just wondered what everyone’s experience of being feature was? Is it only available through entering a contest?

Any advice or personal experiences would be great to hear!

Grace X

I have not been featured, but I know someone who has been. Entering contests is one way to get featured, if your story is one of the winning stories it will get put on a shelf for a couple of weeks. Episode does a lot of random shelves through out the month on different topics such as Black History and Hidden Gems. These shelves have a common theme that the stories in it share. The chosen stories can be written by anyone and are chosen by story ratings, reader retention, and suggestions (I think).


That’s fair enough! I’m just not good a writing about something in a limited time span or under a certain topic. So I prob won’t enter the comps Eek! Better think of an amazing story then :confused:

My story was featured in November 2017 as one of the Editor’s Picks, so I guess some mysterious editors picked my story. Usually you receive an email from the Episode team a day before the shelf is released, but I think they forgot about me so I was completely shocked to see my story up there! I though it was a glitch within the app hahaha:D

The experience was great, I gained 110k reads in a week, so I was absolutely overwhelmed. Of course some people came to my fanmail accusing me of copying other stories, but ehh, I guess it’s normal.

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That’s cool! So you did nothing really to help it? How many reads did you have before you got noticed? Just very curious!

Also it’s impossible to write something completely original unless you joined at the beigining lol


I think they check the trending stories in each genre as well and likely retention despite the amount of reads… My story was featured last week and I had about 20k reads and practically an underground author for a year. I only got another 20K reads in a week but my story has no customization and only one love interest (I don’t do love triangles) so I think these are things the average episode reader looks for before opening a story.

ETA: oh and yes, the “did you copy (story I’ve never heard of) or the typical Outlander”, comments came again. Never mind that I said I was inspired by Celtic mythology right in the beginning. Add a Scottish brogue to your story and it’s automatically Outlander. Lol


No, at least not that I know of🤔 I reached 50k reads the day shelf was released, so I think I was doing pretty good, considering I published it at the end of July.
And I know, but tbh the story everyone was so sure I copied had almost nothing to do with mine. I found it funny how many pseudodetectives there are in the community.

And as Anya said, I bet that character customisation is drawing more readers in (though I don’t understand why it makes such a difference to people). The style of the story is also important. I’ve seen Classic stories being featured and only gaining 1k reads throughout the whole week.

I’ve got well… 1400 reads…but I only published in in feb so I guess it’s new still. Or am I totally kidding myself and it’s just never going to be that popular ha!

Good to know I don’t have to enter a comp to get featured. Not that it will happen. I find the competition really bizarre. Everyone just wants reads in whicheva way the can get them… it’s not about the story telling I find…

I have 59 reads :shushing_face:

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The amount if reads you have definitely doesn’t count when it comes to being featured:) I’ve seen stories with 1-2k reads on shelves. I think getting noticed is all about luck, really. Same with getting reads.

Noo, fortunately not! Contests can be stressful, and much more is expected from the contest stories, especially directing-wise. On the other hand, though, they’re a great way for new authors to get noticed. In every contest there is at least one winner who hasn’t been a well-known author before.