Featured story discussion: Positively Princess


Am I the only one that has this story or am I seeing things? I’m surprised no one’s talking about this lmao…

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Positively Princess - Rant
Discussion: Postively Princess
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Positively princess

I’ve seen it, checked it out Limelight about a princess hooking up with a stranger getting prego then having to pick a husband


I tried looking for it but I never saw it


sounds like my kinda story :heart_eyes:

just kidding, I’ve officially lost all faith in featured stories lol


lucky :sweat:


OMG that is definitely NOT what the story is about.

This story is actually really good. It’s about YOU finding out you’re a long lost princess and the only way to save your kingdom from an evil queen is if you marry a prince/princess within 30 days so you can ascend the throne. Along the way you find out you become pregnant with whichever love interest you choose.


This sounds good. I’m going to look for it again


I was going to say something about this story on my insta. It’s funny how the pregnancy aspect is brought to the forefront. Seems unnecessary.


That sounds like a great story actually. I feel like the description doesn’t do it justice… it made me think it was In My Bed!!! 's medieval twin or something. Good to know it’s not!


Oh my… I didn’t realise the cover was a pregnancy test until I read your comment… Thought it was a pen…

Positively Princess :persevere: Sounds like it would have been a good story without adding a pregnancy into the mix. I can’t see how a baby on board would enhance the story line.


For some reason it doesn’t pop up when I search it?


I think it’s a pilot and it’s there for just a few people


Maybe it could add drama? From the screenshots I’ve seen, the story doesn’t seem that bad. Maybe a little cliché but I kinda like those kind. The only problem I have is Dalton but since I had the choice to diss him then it’s all good


I think featured stories tend to go live for some people quicker than they do for others. I’m sure you’ll get it soon.


Maybe? I just feel like the community has been begging for Episode to take away sex from their featured stories and like… well, if MC gets pregnant than we sort of know what’s included :confused:


Queen Craxis… I knew you’d come.

(only pro wrestling fans will probably understand this reference rofl.)


This story seems a lot like Instant Princess with a pregnancy twist. I thought we visited the Royal pregnancy story with Royal Baby. :thinking:

I’ll pass.


I saw someone posted some screenshots from it on insta and while I have no desire to read this story, I love the new hair and clothes. I want them. :heart_eyes:


Read the first episode and it immediately reminded me of princess diaries 2


Same dude