Featured story discussion: Positively Princess


I’m not saying she should or need to. I’m just curious what the author would think, no compulsion on their part. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough before.


I understood what she initially meant when she said Episode politics and in that sense the context she initially used it in wasn’t wrong because she was talking about the climate of Episode. It’s a common saying people in the United States use (I’m not sure where you’re from) to refer to the environment of having to play games to get ahead. I don’t think this is the point we need to get hung up on.


Oh I see. Nevermind then. Thank you for clarifying. And yes I am from the United States


Honestly though, i have mixed opinions on the story.
First of all, i think it moved way too fast. The opening scene is of MC working as a waitress at her old high school enemie’s birthday party, then she meets this stranger.
So after her fight with the birthday girl, she speaks with her BFF and the stranger approaches her, celebrates MC’s birthday which is coincidentally on the same day then encourages MC to steal the mean girl’s possessions. You get the mean girls outfit if you pay gems! hooray! Anyway, they steal the champange, get away on his motorcycle and then he reveals that he is the princess. After a flashback, we learn that our villain is this Cruella De Vil looking woman. HAHAHAHHAAHHAAHAHAAH
So now they travel to her home country, she meets her suitors,OO and finds out she has like 30 days to choose one or else Cruella De Vil Looking villain takes over her kingdom.
Next few episodes are about getting to know them, and then a bunch of drama stirs up at the ball. Recently there were newer episodes that i haven’t read.

Another thing is how it has a lot of similarities to the story Instant Princess, but i’m not 100% sure about alla that. Something i don’t like is the villain, and the fact that they squeezed in the pregnancy bit to juice the story up. At the end of the day, it’s another pregnancy story with a badboy, and royalty.
The villain on the other hand, AKA Dalton the handsome stranger’s mother, doesn’t really seem like a good villain to me. She feels more like a joke, dressed as a disney villain, who doesn’t seem like a real threat.

Honestly though, my favorite parts were the new hairstyles, gowns, attire, backgrounds, and my grand favorite


HORSES! But for real though, the horses were animated and moved perfectly! I really want episode to release stuff like that because it’ll really help with everything!
Anyways, this is just my opinion.


As of Episode 7,

Soooo Elijah’s kingdom is inspired by Indian/South Asian culture. It was a little surprising, unless the team is actually putting effort in terms of diversity, which I add little props to.
Plus animated fire!


Okay… Either the only pregnancy thing-y in this story is the terrible pun in the title, or my brain is doing a terrific job protecting me from mediocre plot ploints because I can’t remember a single line about the MC expecting (at least till now? There’s Jada and her kingdom creepy rules, but I am leaning towards Elijah so that shouldn’t be a problem).

You guys already point out this story strenghts (graphics, direction, pace) and horrible flaws (Instant Princess cheap knock off), and I a pretty much agree. Silly arranged marriage clause aside, I enjoyed it for the LIs but It took me a while to warm to it since most choices in the first chapters were gems and it kinda feel like you were stuck just saying “no” to everyone and everything if you weren’t willing to pay for it. Episodes corrected that in recent chapters, and the story really took off. If this were a linear story, I couldn’t even predict with whom she would ended up with because every side character brings their top game to charm MC’s panties off, though it is clear the predilection towards Dalton. Episode 8 and 9 are really something!


When r u going do finished this story i need to know what happened next?




Positively princess i love this story but i just finished episode 9 and i want to know when more episodes r coming out?


Episode won’t answer you here. You’re probably going to want to check their instagram to see updates on the releases of featured stories. They probably finished the coding of the story, but they need to time the release. They also need to look over the story for any coding errors, or anything that goes against Episode guidelines.


What guidelines r we talking about


Episode has guidelines or rules
Stories can’t contain certain things so the author probably is going back in the story to make sure they haven’t Broken any of the rules or guidelines
But since the story was made by episode they should be regularly updated every week or two maybe more


Episode’s come out wednesdays/thursdays depending on what time zone your in x


What I want them to do is remove the story and release the features they used in it :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face:


Yes the outfits are beautiful story is trash


Right. Especially them dreads with the accessories in it




Beautiful dreads ^-^
I feel ppl kept lusting after MC for their kingdom and the story was rushed tho…wish it was better written


There is a story better written: Instant Princess :kissing_heart:


Ive seen tht multipule times while looking for stuff to read. never really read it…