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For the last time, I did not say that I am in love with Positively Princess, or that I hate the original, or that I am continuing to read the rip off. I went far enough to get a sense of the new features, and until the whole story and choices annoyed me too much, which was Episode 4 by the way. I am not okay with this, and I did not mean real politics, racism, sexism, prejudice, bigotry and shallowness of the real world, I mean Episode politics, where playing one story that I don’t agree with but am curious about means supporting the twisted mess inside. And I do/have admit that I’m wrong and I actually do see what you guys are saying. :slightly_smiling_face: I hope what I say isn’t coming off as an empty excuse.
By “infiltrate the enemy” I was joking, and I meant that, in my opinion, it is better to be educated about things you don’t agree with, even if it can be wrong. It is better to know what the other side means to support your side. (which is in Episode politics by the way :joy:)
And I admit that showing even that little bit of support for that is a spark ready to ignite, and it must be annoying. I guess my reasons never make sense to the outside world because of the weirdo I am :joy:
Also, I read books about Trump’s racism and I will never condone some of the things he’s done. But I guess, in that situation, a read isn’t a symbol of support and it isn’t a spark ready to blow up. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone x


WHAT does Trump have to do with this? Why are you bringing up racism? I told you to quit while you’re ahead because you’re not helping yourself and your statements are actually starting to have some troubling implications.

Nobody said you were in love with Positively Princess or hated Instant Princess. And again, I wasn’t even talking directly about you initially. YOU chose to respond in a defensive manner full of bs excuses and that makes you look guilty.

Read Positively Princess if you want. STOP digging yourself further into a hole with all of these explanations. I am begging you to stop while you’re ahead.


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I’m not saying she should or need to. I’m just curious what the author would think, no compulsion on their part. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough before.


I understood what she initially meant when she said Episode politics and in that sense the context she initially used it in wasn’t wrong because she was talking about the climate of Episode. It’s a common saying people in the United States use (I’m not sure where you’re from) to refer to the environment of having to play games to get ahead. I don’t think this is the point we need to get hung up on.


Oh I see. Nevermind then. Thank you for clarifying. And yes I am from the United States


Honestly though, i have mixed opinions on the story.
First of all, i think it moved way too fast. The opening scene is of MC working as a waitress at her old high school enemie’s birthday party, then she meets this stranger.
So after her fight with the birthday girl, she speaks with her BFF and the stranger approaches her, celebrates MC’s birthday which is coincidentally on the same day then encourages MC to steal the mean girl’s possessions. You get the mean girls outfit if you pay gems! hooray! Anyway, they steal the champange, get away on his motorcycle and then he reveals that he is the princess. After a flashback, we learn that our villain is this Cruella De Vil looking woman. HAHAHAHHAAHHAAHAHAAH
So now they travel to her home country, she meets her suitors,OO and finds out she has like 30 days to choose one or else Cruella De Vil Looking villain takes over her kingdom.
Next few episodes are about getting to know them, and then a bunch of drama stirs up at the ball. Recently there were newer episodes that i haven’t read.

Another thing is how it has a lot of similarities to the story Instant Princess, but i’m not 100% sure about alla that. Something i don’t like is the villain, and the fact that they squeezed in the pregnancy bit to juice the story up. At the end of the day, it’s another pregnancy story with a badboy, and royalty.
The villain on the other hand, AKA Dalton the handsome stranger’s mother, doesn’t really seem like a good villain to me. She feels more like a joke, dressed as a disney villain, who doesn’t seem like a real threat.

Honestly though, my favorite parts were the new hairstyles, gowns, attire, backgrounds, and my grand favorite


HORSES! But for real though, the horses were animated and moved perfectly! I really want episode to release stuff like that because it’ll really help with everything!
Anyways, this is just my opinion.


As of Episode 7,

Soooo Elijah’s kingdom is inspired by Indian/South Asian culture. It was a little surprising, unless the team is actually putting effort in terms of diversity, which I add little props to.
Plus animated fire!