Featured story discussion: Positively Princess


I just read the finale myself and Im sitting here thinking . . . . . . . REALLY ? !. I mean really ? !. This qualifies as what TV Tropes would call an ass pull. I read Positively Princess mostly for the fact that it featured a double minority love interest and the premise, while cliched, seemed at least a little promising, for lack of better words, the same reasons why I sat through the first 10 episodes of Power Rangers Megaforce. After completing it, I cant help but feel that this was a HUGE let down. The plot was water thin, the ending came out of freaking no where and made absolutely no sense and the characters seemed very one note, including Princess Jada who at first came off as a stereotype with her dialogue and then seemed to fade into the background like the other characters. This is not even touching the supposed villain Queen Craxis, who Im assuming was intended to be threatening and evil but literally came off as a caricature who was way too over the top to be taken seriously. While I usually get some sort of joy after reading an Episode story, this is the first time I feel absolutely nothing !.


There’s only two guarantees in life…


And that this:

Will never happen…

Sorry, Episode, but it’s true…


Well here’s one guarantee from me, Episode can count on me sticking to the community stories and not trusting their featured stories any longer. I mean seriously, what the dolphin chirps were they thinking with this ? !. Who was writing this mess ? !.


LMAO dolphin chirps.

But yeah Idk. And it seems that new featured stories prefer to be incredibly short now, which is such a cop out.


What do you mean by that? What type of stereotype?


Perhaps its just me looking too far into it, but I noticed during her introduction in the first few episodes, her dialogue particularly her whole “Girl bye” line that was directed at Craxis seemed very cliched for a black character. The first thing it reminded me of was the line from the Beyonce song and it made me question if this was the best thing they could think of especially for a female who was the heir apparent to a nation based off of Africa. A stereotype that was predominantly American in nature. Now that I think of it, this could also apply to the other two love interests as well since apart from their homelands and different physical characteristics, their linguistic patterns dont represent their subsequent cultures.

The kicker is that in subsequent episodes, she not only lost that cliche but seemed to lose what little semblance of a character she did have as her dialogue became identical to that of the other love interests with nothing really to differentiate her words from that of Dalton or Elijah. Im not pointing this out because of the cliche or because Im offended by it, its because character consistency has to be there and the writers seemed to have routinely disregard this in this story.


I am not surprised Episode did that. This isn’t shocking at all. :roll_eyes:


You have a right to be offensive because it is.


Its shocking to me and it makes me personally think about the people who are behind Episode at this point. The writers have no idea how to write compelling characters. With Princess Jada, it was like they were trying to find someone to base her off of and then afterwards just decided to say screw trying and just wrote her as a generic character. I also feel like the story was meant to be longer but they cut it short because they gave up on it.

Now I feel especially bad for the fact that they cheated L.B. like they did because Instant Princess is a truly beautiful story that doesnt get the recognition it should from the Episode team. Im at least glad L.B. has updated the limelight version recently and is presumably planning to continue writing Leona’s story.


The weirdest thing was my character slept with both the princes (she’s that girl yeah) and then when I chose to marry Dalton (I wish I could pick no one tbh) she just randomly went ‘we’re pregnant!’ like come on guys. I get it was the finale but it was a cop out for her to magically know it was Daltons baby, the choice should have been remembered. :woman_shrugging:


Really ?. Thats insane and it makes no sense at all !. Like how the hell is she supposed to know which guy fathered her baby if she slept with both Princes !. Im beginning to think that the writers were either high or drunk when they wrote this OR expected the readers to be high or drunk because no sober person would ever sit back and think that this makes any sense at all. After reading your post, I decided to take a look at my screenshots to see if there any more plot holes or otherwise inconsistent aspects to the storyline. I’ll let everyone decide for themselves in regards to this . . . . . .


Episode needs to release thoee clothes and braids NOW!


Ah I know I wasn’t really reading it I was just tapping for the gem and then I saw the words sperm donor and surrogate and I was like did I just read that right…


What on Earth?! LMAO I am so confused.


You arent the only one who is confused by this. Im literally trying to wrap my head around what this is implying. So the writers want us to believe that not only did the MC have Jada’s doctor implant her embryo into her but prior to that, somehow had both Dalton and Elijah provide sperm for said embryo, which violates the laws of nature nonetheless since the MC is carrying only one, whilst also travelling across three different nations ?.

If this is also to be believed, the ending contradicts the very storyline itself since the MC literally acted as though her pregnancy was unexpected yet she had literally done all of this beforehand to get pregnant with Jada’s baby because she knew she was going to choose her ?. Ive read Stephen King novels that have had less plot twists and more convincing plots than this !


I haven’t read the story yet but I’m probably not going to read it now that I’ve read the comments. The sperm part disgust me. :sweat:


EXACTLY! The entire pregnancy line is treated as a SURPRISE…so it means one of two things:

  1. huge plot hole
  2. When writing this, Jada was a last minute thrown in LGBTQ love interest, and the “plot line” worked better with the princes.


what the actual hell is that finale plot


You bring up two excellent points and Im honestly inclined to agree with both of them. Since we’re dealing with clearly inexperienced unprofessional writers, the first point seems likely, especially since there is a clear lack of oversight in Episode. The second point you brought up also seems extremely likely as well because I mentally removed her from the plot after reading your post and what I got was something slightly more coherent. However it also lead me to the conclusion that this was a horrible attempt to recreate the elements that were so successful in The Royal Baby only now the MC isnt a commoner. This also makes Sebastien and Felix’s cameo all the more ironic.



And I like your point about mentally removing her from the plot and how it all sadly still works, which confirms to me (personally) that she was just an added last minute option, which is just such a cop out.