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I stopped reading it cause I lost interest but also thos guys face is creeping me out


Has anyone read more chapters?

Going to other royal countries and meeting the suitor’s families? I’m still a little behind on updates but right now I’m looking at Nadal and Jada’s cousins (aka the remnants of what could have been IP) and the fashion is amazing! (EDIT: Just commenting, not representative of entire opinion of story and context BS)
And twist: Jada is the first to propose I get pregnant for the kingdom, that’s why she apparently connected with MC in the first place or something

Besides Dalton, who do y’all like more: Jada or Elijah, with or without the drama?

  • Princess Jada
  • Prince Elijah

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Jada’s cousins and everything about her feels VERY VERY VERY IP inspired. Smh.


I have to admit while I do enjoy playing Positively Princess, mainly due to the fact that I am an LGBT PoC

and the option to have a lesbian PoC love interest in Princess Jada was too tempting for me to turn down, I do feel as though this is a cheap knock off of Instant Princess and that L.B was greatly cheated. I play it just because I want to see what happens in the end although I have to force my more critical judgemental nature to avoid saying that this is a near carbon copy of Instant Princess with the addition of the pregnancy angle thrown in.


His face is so detailed, shadows and everything. Then there’s his hands.


lmao i didn’t even notice that




Me too


Just rip off other people’s ideas, turn it into cliches, add Episode’s personal touch of naked men and pregnancies, feature it and shove actually good, unique stories with depth, to the side, then take out diversity, and done, haha, what a great story…


I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the new features and clothes, and the whole modern royalty element, but knowing the backstory… to be honest, the pregnancy thing that took over the story kind of ruined it for me - if there had been no pregnancy, I would love the dumbed-down, whitewashed rip off of Instant Princess to the only extent I could love it to.


Hey…if you can acknowledge that this story is a problem because of Instant Princess but continue reading this story on the app out of curiosity, you have become part of the problem by boosting the numbers for this story, which will encourage this type of behavior in the future for other stories. The best way to support the author you all claim to be upset for is to not support this story.
Can’t believe this even has to be broken down like this :woman_facepalming:t4:


Yeah, I noticed that too. I thought it was stupid. If you Knew it was a ripoff of Instant Princess and support it but continue to read Positively Princess, you are definitely the problem. You cannot encourage the story but stay by Instant Princess side, that’s not how it works. I was curious about it to but I’m staying by the Original. If you really care for Instant Princess, you wouldn’t read the ripoff. :roll_eyes: :woman_shrugging:t5:


People generally don’t care until or unless they’re the ones being wronged. Then they expect all the empathy, sympathy and support they couldn’t bother to muster for other people :roll_eyes:
I can’t control what people read, but seriously don’t come on here pretending to care in one breath and then justifying your love for Positively Princess in the other. Just say you realize it’s a rip off and don’t care because you like the story and it’s not you being wronged so you can’t bring yourself enough to care :woman_shrugging:t4: And then when it’s your turn to have problems with Episode, don’t come crying on the forums looking for the support you can’t give other authors. All this halfhearted fake outrage is irritating. Do what y’all want but at least have the decency to just be honest about it because the only ones you’re fooling at this point are yourselves.


What you’re saying is definitely true, and I do get your point, and honestly you’ve put it so well that I do feel bad and can kind of see what I’ve been wrong about :slightly_smiling_face:
But sometimes I do want to read a story I am intrigued (even not in the good way) by, without all the politics. And I so sincerely support L.B, and all my fellow writers who have been wronged by that annoying Episode higher power. And I do truly care. And I didn’t say I liked the story… just certain ~faintly~ redeeming elements. I am not encouraging the horrible treatment or the whitewashing, and I guess I didn’t realise that clicking play on a story meant encouraging whatever twisted mess is inside, and held so much weight. And you know what they say about having to infiltrate the enemy and learn their secrets to defeat them :joy:


Also, what I said wasn’t halfhearted fake outrage, it was very badly executed fake positivity, “trying to see the bright side of things” or insufferable optimism :slightly_smiling_face:


God I wish writer L.B has said anything about this yet.


She doesn’t need to say anything about it and probably shouldn’t.


And claiming you like Instant Princess and support it but continuously reading the ripoff, giving it your reads is indeed encouraging it and being okay that they did. You don’t have to hate the original to read the ripoff. Your point made no sense.


For the last time, I did not say that I am in love with Positively Princess, or that I hate the original, or that I am continuing to read the rip off. I went far enough to get a sense of the new features, and until the whole story and choices annoyed me too much, which was Episode 4 by the way. I am not okay with this, and I did not mean real politics, racism, sexism, prejudice, bigotry and shallowness of the real world, I mean Episode politics, where playing one story that I don’t agree with but am curious about means supporting the twisted mess inside. And I do/have admit that I’m wrong and I actually do see what you guys are saying. :slightly_smiling_face: I hope what I say isn’t coming off as an empty excuse.
By “infiltrate the enemy” I was joking, and I meant that, in my opinion, it is better to be educated about things you don’t agree with, even if it can be wrong. It is better to know what the other side means to support your side. (which is in Episode politics by the way :joy:)
And I admit that showing even that little bit of support for that is a spark ready to ignite, and it must be annoying. I guess my reasons never make sense to the outside world because of the weirdo I am :joy:
Also, I read books about Trump’s racism and I will never condone some of the things he’s done. But I guess, in that situation, a read isn’t a symbol of support and it isn’t a spark ready to blow up. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone x


WHAT does Trump have to do with this? Why are you bringing up racism? I told you to quit while you’re ahead because you’re not helping yourself and your statements are actually starting to have some troubling implications.

Nobody said you were in love with Positively Princess or hated Instant Princess. And again, I wasn’t even talking directly about you initially. YOU chose to respond in a defensive manner full of bs excuses and that makes you look guilty.

Read Positively Princess if you want. STOP digging yourself further into a hole with all of these explanations. I am begging you to stop while you’re ahead.