Featured story discussion: Positively Princess


Hello guys, did anyone read Positively princess?There are new faces,hairs and other stuff,do you think limelight will update?I think it would be awesomee!

Sorry if my english is bad


I guess they would update (everyone is excited for the beards to come out) but they won’t give a specific date or time for that. Maybe they want it to be a big SURPRISE for us when we least expect it. Maybe they want people to be hooked up on the incoming big update.

P.S. I think that if this LL update occurs, INK would become obsolete, that is, no updates for it from then on :cry:


I think the Episode team has pretty much stated there will not be any more Ink updates from now on, which while sad, is not surprising. It won’t dead Ink as far as I’m concerned because it’s still most people’s preferred style.