FEATURED: The Same Topics Accepted



Hello Episodians, :wave:

Nice to meet you! I know I’m new here (metaphoric/joking I have more accounts…) BUT I saw enough to create this topic! People that create thousands of topics or more closing others topics just because they have a common subject!! :confused::confused:This isn’t so beautifully…” No copied replies, just because they have already one… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I’m not saying that everyone does it bus some do and this is upsetting for many of you and me :sweat_smile:.

!SO STOP CLOSING THREADS, IS UNFAIR! :anguished::anguished::anguished:

-for the moderators or every episodians which do this, “PLEASE STOP”, the rule should be only for the people that copy exactly your post! With the same dot or caps! Not for people that just “arrived” and didn’t read your topics. Who can read them all?? :unamused: :books:


If someone have 2k of topics/threads whatever, and you made one that you worked at it but you two had the same subject but that person closed your topic only for this thing, how would you feel?? AND you didn’t copy it! No word is the same! How would you feel?? :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


Comment if it happened to you or support :heart::heart:

Omg.helper idea is brilliant
Omg.helper idea is brilliant



I agree with this people’s topic that took maybe 20 minutes to write get locked because there the same topic for the ideas


It’s super annoying


support :heart:
happend to me and I felt horrible :sob::sob:


support :100:


#SUPPORT :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


ok that’s funny, i created my first topic and i started it with “i’m new here” and then i read this…but yeah, i totally agree and i think the same :smile:


Aww, thanks @helphappy

And you all, too!! :kissing_heart:


But are you talking about discussion topics or more about directing help topics or some other kind of topic all together? Because there are times I believe topics should be closed for being too similar to another


Well, is true that some topics are too similar but if you have only the same subject and someone close your topic is unfair! :confused:
Read carefully, I wrote about this in the topic… :wink:


SO TRUE :sob::sob:


too true… :pensive:


I did read it but I don’t think that if you change the way a topic is worded it means it’s not a duplicate post.

Like if there’s five people asking the same question about how to change the speech bubble colour then I’d say, yeah four of those topics should be closed.

Same if there’s two different topics discussing the same story, I’d close one because it’s better to have everyone sharing their thoughts on the same thread.

Was there a specific type of thread you’re referring to? Because I’ve always thought closing duplicate threads was helpful tbh


That’s true but if are at distances of 2-3 years one to each other what should the new member do? Or maybe that topic was closed and he wanted to know more…



Well if the original topic is closed, yes of course. To my understanding though, it only gets closed if there’s an duplicate active thread


POSITIVE ALWAYS WIN! :wink::blush:


Sorry, but we do not need 10 different active topic threads of people complaining about the same author, story, or cliches. It’s honestly annoying and clogs up the feed.


Why… Is a public forum…:thinking: Everyone should make what topic they want. No one is obligated to read it… :grinning:

FREE :heart:


they shouldn’t be closed

But I doubt anyone actually reads our suggestions tbh