FEATURES+CLOTHING: Freckles and piercings etc

It would be awesome if characters could have pieces such as piercings and freckles at the same time!!! (or things such as eyebrow piercing and glasses etc). Right now you can only have either one of them, not both, which is a bit sad :confused:


I think it’s a duplicate thread :confused: but support

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Support. :cat:

It is, just worded differently, multiple people have been asking for this


right, i even supported on a thread

Couldn’t find anyone bringing it up earlier so posted myself, but thanks for mentioning it!

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Support :blob_hearts:

Support but the title is wrong, and just like @Natasha.Brown1 said, it’s duplicate.

If anything it just shows episode that people want this

Duplicate closed. Please refer to the thread linked by @Natasha.Brown1 to support the original! :smiley: