FEATURES: Different Types Of Skin Outside Of Color

I really like the large range of skin tones throughout limelight and ink, but I also feel like it’s just scraping the surface when it comes to diversity.


It might be difficult, considering these things are not bound to only one particular skin tone, but I’m also sure with enough proper recoloring (aka, don’t take white skin tones and darken them… that will make them grey), it can be done! I can also imagine that one could just edit over the existing skin tones, and then save them as one layer each, under a different name… But I don’t really know how the Episode Artists do their jobs or what programs they use! I’m only speaking as a digital artist myself, with my knowledge of how layering works.


I really love the idea to have freckles and skin conditions! I think it’d add more dept to some characters


This is something I’ve wanted to see for a long time, and I think it really adds personality and identity to characters. Love this!


YES! I’ve been thinking about the idea of stories having amputees or people in wheel chairs/ with crutches.

I agree! As a girl with freckles, I think this’s quite a good idea! I also love the idea of having one eye one colour and the other different coloured! I agree with all the ideas LOL!


Hi! There is already a feature request asking for freckles here. Also this thread currently violates the guidelines for suggestion threads:

Please edit your thread to ensure it isn’t deleted or closed. Thanks!


I totally think that this should happen!

I made this thread under the pretense of different skin types, not just freckles. I have edited the title and deleted the sentence at the end, however!

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I support this!


S u p p o r t

Def support this!

The only problem with having things like skin conditions is that people may use them so much in their stories that it doesn’t actually seem as rare as it actually is. I still think it’s an awesome idea though!

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Maybe it can be done as an prop? But I do support!

I like all of those ideas it would be really useful throughout making stories. :smiley:

This would be really amazing :blush:

Bump :lollipop::black_heart:

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And support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Bump and support! This needs to be added!

I actually made an edit today using it!