Features for Writer's Portal



Feature 1: We have so many stories in the portal (not all of us) so it can get quite messy. Perhaps split the stories into sections (ones we are working on vs ones that just happen to sit there vs the one we are currently working on) It would make everything much easier when we log onto the portal and access our stories.
Feature 2: Un-publishing a story from the app (so it stays in writer’s portal but does not show up on the app at all). When you go to see how many stories an author published, it’ll tell you the number (example, if you had three stories, but unpublished one, it would say you had 2 stories at the top of your fanmail),
Any thoughts on this?


I totally support the first feature, but idk about the second one bc I haven’t published my story yet. Also we need a delete button for stories we no longer want.


the delete button (somewhat similar) is suggested here.


and similar to another suggestion, delete or move stories here.


I support it :slightly_smiling_face: We need delete buttons and a separate section for the guides, too.


i support on the iphone we need a delete button. because all stories stay there, On the writal portal they are gone but on your i phone they still exist. Annoying.



Hi all! Both of these suggestions already have topics of their own in this forum. Please show your support by liking them. Closing topic. Thanks! :peace_symbol: