FEATURES: more props in limelight --beer prop--



We’ve noticed that many authors need new props. Many of them have requested a specific prop, or others have requested Episode let us upload our own props, including us.

Because Episode will not let us upload our own props, because it’s difficult to layer each prop with each position and pose. So, we, REY & BB8, request Episode to make this image as a prop.


The character will hold it from the center wiith the default hand, and wherever the hand goes, the prop will follow, like in many other props.

We really need this for a story of ours, and if Episode doesn’t make this as a prop soon, we will be forced to code all that difficult directing to hold the overlay in a specific layer, while rotating it and in the same time moving it.
Bytheway, if you know a hidden Limelight prop which is like the previous image, feel free to comend down below the name of the prop. (We know how to code hidden props).

Please, like this post to support it, and increase the chances of Episode releasing a prop like this to us.

-REY & BB8-


How do you code hidden Props? I tried to use some in my story but they aren’t showing in the app :sob::sob::sob:

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Thank you so much I’ve been looking for them hidden props

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We have beer props now.

@Sydney_H can you close this?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: