FEATURES: New Bun Hairstyle In Limelight

Hey folks!

So, many creators have come up with the idea of bun hairstyles.
BUT! Not just any bun hairstyles, because we already have one bun hairstyle available.
The Small Bun hairstyle, as you can see in the “BUN” details…


thumbnail_Hair_21357_be40f8c0c58eb6020da3f9cc8d93232e RELEASED

We are talking about this bun. We’ve seen it in a lot of stories… But keep searching our hairstyle feature page, to see if it’s finally released, like many other features, that Episode doesn’t release them to us.

This bun we’ve been talking about is this bun:
charcters RELEASED

As you can see, in the forum home page, or else main menu, this character with this unique hairstyle exists.

Also, we would appreciate it, if you could vote for that…
Do you find this idea useful?

  • YES-- This hairstyle might come in handy!
  • NO-- I don’t need this hairstyle.

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If you voted “NO–I don’t need this hairstyle.” feel free to share your thoughts with us in the commends!

May everyone have a nice day!

Please, like to support this post, and increase the chances of Episode releasing this hairstyle to us.

-REY & BB8-


To those who voted in the poll:

If you need the hairstyle, like the post… :woman_facepalming:t2:


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