FEATURES: No forced rereads!

One of my biggest complaints from readers is that sometimes they have to reread chapters of my story. It’s frustrating that I either need to force them to reread or allow glitches/mistakes in the episode to remain until most readers have moved on from the chapter.

When I tried implementing a skip button, all progress/gains from that chapter were reset, so I can’t put skip buttons on episodes where choices matter. I wish there was a feature for the author to choose whether edits to a chapter warrants a reread or not. This way, if there was a major glitch that affected the story I can force a reread, but if it is just a typo or something insignificant, I can tell the app not to make readers reread. I’d like to be able to make chapters better for future readers without affecting current readers.



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For choices that matter, you can put them in the skip menu, just get the reader to pick before ending the episode.

I’ve got a video showing a way of doing this.