FEATURES: Translation for stories

So, here’s what it would be like. Say you speak English and you encounter a story that’s in a foreign language, say Spanish or Russian, yet you don’t know the language, you could have it translated to English. Here’s another scenario. Say English isn’t your first language and you prefer to read a story in your native tongue, you could have it translated to your preferred language. Please reply if you support.


Not too sure about the accuracy of the translations if this was a thing, but I support because that’d be handy!

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It’s a nice thought but this feature isn’t realistaclly possible. The only way translated stories could work if they were done by the author, in fact, if an other wants to make their story available in multiple languages, they can by giving the reader the choice at the start of the story.

However, auto-translation in any way wouldn’t be reliable, the quality would be lacking, and eventually, sentences won’t make sense.

Duplicate closed. Please refer to original FEATURE: Translate buttons :grinning: