Featuring No Earn Gem Stories?

Hello, everyone! I have a quick question. Do you know how you see ONLY the people with Writers Payment Program stories featured on Episode? Yeah, if you aren’t part of the Writers Payment Program, could your story still get featured? Thanks! <3


You mean officially featured or on a weekly shelf?

But yes to both, anyway. Some of the officially featured stories are by authors not in payments? (Episode did pay for their stories to feature, but I know there are a couple authors who aren’t in the payment program)


are you new to the app, you have to read, I think 25 episodes to unlock the entire app, when you do that you will have access to community stories which usually dont cost gems, and also often are better,

yes I know it suck you have to read those chapters, its a really stupid feature we all wish episode would remove.


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Sorry I’m late, I mean the weekly shelf. I only see the payment program authors on there.

Sorry I’m late; I’m not new to the app though.

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Actually, I think it’s the opposite on weekly shelves, especially recently. I think they’ve really been making an effort to feature stories from authors without many reads.

But also- how do you even know if an author is in payments? Because there are some authors with quite a lot of reads who aren’t actually in payments.

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The weekly shelf stories are most definitely not only authors on the payment program.

In fact I feel Episode is making an effort to feature smaller and newer authors on the weekly shelves

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