FEAURE: More clothes for mobile creation

I did write stories on mobile creation but it wasn’t as good as the Writers Portal so I left it. They should have more outfits but it’s never going to be as good or the same as the Writers Portal. :slight_smile:


I write on mobile creation because the writers’ portal is too confusing for me.


go check out joseph evans’ videos i was too confused to use the portal too and his videos helped ALOT.

You can check out Joseph Evan’s tutorial videos here and more on his website Episode Life. :wink:

Same! But once you get the hang of writers portal it gets really fun.
Not long ago, i wanted to publish a story, and i think you can only publish it on writers portal, so i went there.
100% honest right now, i nearly fainted when i saw all the coding. Coding is really not my thing, it is so difficult to remember, control and i was just so frustrated i gave up on publishing a story.
I came back 3 times onto writers portal, and finally gave in and watched some Joseph Evans tutorials and now coding is simple for me…
So yeah, give it a shot.


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I used to write on mobile too! But I wanted to publish my stories, so I’m waiting for my laptop to be delivered. Then I can write properly. And yes, I do agree mobile creation clothing is EXTREMELY LIMITED!


@Phoenix248 you can write on your phone and then publish on your laptop. thats what I do


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@WinterMoon05 now it does thanks

No problem. :wink:


All you go to do tho is go to episode interactive on safari and search your story title and click publish. Never mind

I think that they were lazy on mobile creator, no hugging animations, no running, heck! No offense, they helped a lot, but i think that more work could’ve been put into the app, I should at least be able fix where my characters walk, it just seems like it could’ve been a lot better.

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I think that mobile and that they were a bit rushed while making it, I just feel like it

it just was not a well thought out plan…

There is a hugging animation sort of. But only from girls. Do scared and turn it around. But for men no.

Hi I’m actually Vanessa this account is no longer active sorry

Getting more outfits is actually quite easy. Create your story on mobile and name it, then go onto the writer’s portal, log in and find the story. Click on characters and make new ones and outfits - more outfits and no scripts involved! If you want to change a non-default outfit, look for the outfit name (eg. Little black dress) and change it in the outfits section. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Yes please!