Feautures + Clothing: We need more fantasy, victorian, horror - etc - themed assets!



As the title suggest, I would love more features and clothing that promotes more abstract and abnormal stories. As we all know, the most popular genres are romance and drama; mystery, fantasy and horror tends to end up in their shadow. But as you scroll through the assets that benefits other areas than normal stories, you will soon come to realise that the library is quite limited when it comes to clothing, overlays and backgrounds as well as animations for stories in need of more abnormal features. For example: Fantasy. We have at the most 10 clothing pieces (limelight) that’s directly aiming for the fantasy genre. How are we suppose to make a believable story with only that? In order to make fantasy and other genres more coveted to larger audiences as well as aspiring writers, we would have to have to make it as easy to create as well as believable as stories that centers around drama and/or a high school romance.

At the moment, fantasy and other genres have to depend on overlays and such in order to create the right mood and environment. Which is a pity really. I know that those stories aren’t as popular, but that doesn’t mean that you should give them less love right? Because is it really thet strange that they tend to be forgotten, when it’s so hard to make them real and believable?

So here are some examples that would benefit:

  • Even more victorian clothes (Funnily enough there’s more for ink than limelight which is strange as they have the same)
  • Other time specific clothing - like medieval dresses, armor etc
  • More fantasy clothing, as well as creature costumes like in classic
  • Wounds! I know that Episode is targeting a younger audience, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be exposed to a lesser bruise for example
  • Horror and sci-fi styled pieces! So many horror stories have to rely on overlays to create that spooky effect which could easily be done if they hade more assets to use.

I know that this was more a rant than a specific suggestion, but I just want to pass my message on and hopefully make a change - beacuse we really need it!
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DISCUSSION: Are more "abnormal" genres forgotten because Episode makes it so hard to create them?





Total Support! My favrotie types of stories are in the Victorian Era




I’d really want some torn or bloody versions of clothes we already have.




Yes! That would be amazing!


Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Support! I’m so eager about this that I’m gonna provide some pictures :rofl:

Image result for fantasy clothing

Image result for fantasy clothing

Image result for elf clothing fantasy

Image result for elf clothing fantasy

Image result for king clothes











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