Feed back on my Cover?



So Im entering the Thriller Contest. Im going to be doing 2 Episodes of Victorian Murder Mysteries.
Its going to be a Victorian Murder Mysteries. I mean who doesn’t like a classic tell of who done it.
Its going to run on a point system with three playable characters and three different story lines with three different ending but only one person is the killer…


I like it! :heart::blush:


I love it


Looks good, one recommendation I have is not changing the aspect ratio of the character, so they don’t look squished. :slight_smile: I don’t know what program you use, but on a laptop, you hold down shift.


I love the idea of three different playable characters!


I love the sort of Agatha Christie vibe I am getting from this.


That is what I was going for.


You had me at Victorian Murder Mysteries. I love the cover and would definitely ready it!


Yes. It would look better if you didn’t change the aspect ratio. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am glad, it shows!!


Hmmm now that I look at it maybe it’s supposed to look like that. Sort of old stilorybook like. :thinking: it’s good though