Feed back on my superheor story

This is an comedy… This story is INK
Follow Bathwoman on her adventure to save her city from Dr. Dirt, will Bathwoman and her new friends win or will they get dirty.

@amandafay I’ve only started reading the first chapter and already I can tell, you are an amazing writer! You have a great hilarious idea I’m sure will catch a lot of attention. Might I add I love your cover art :joy:. Keep writing it is very impressive and well made.

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Awww thanks

Hi. As you saw, you posted this on my thread. And I said, No requesting on other threads in my rules. I’m taking you off the queue list.

Um I made this thread as well as posted on other threads but they are NOT linked together… But that’s fine you can do as you like. But all the feed back someone can get helps… this is not a job for most, we do it to try and give ppl something good to read… It wont matter how many ppl read my story I still wont and don’t get paied for it… And that’s fine I am just trying to get feedback on a story I like to write.

“Feedback” is the same as “story review”. So in case you haven’t read my rules, no requesting twice (or more) for the same thing

Look you did not need to respond I’m not going to go back and forth with you I said it was fine I said what I had to and u already said what you had to so end of discussion… have a wonderful day!! :grin: